Life inside North Korea

Published on Sep 14, 2017. Credit goes to NowThis World



30 Horrible Facts about life Inside North Korea  (Credit goes to

Destination Tips for this information)


1) Kim Jong Un Increases in Size While His People Starve

2) In North Korea, Only Military and Government Officials are Allowed to Own Motor Vehicles

3) There is No Internet and There’s One TV Channel

4) At the Age of 31, Kim Jong Un is the Youngest Ruler of State in the World; Also, He’s Got Zero Military Experience

5) More Than 6 Million People in North Korea are in Need of Food, and One-Third of the Children are Considered Chronically Malnourished or Stunted

6) Though Western Movies and Television are Largely Forbidden Throughout the Country, Kim Jong Un Shares His Father’s Love of Western Culture

7) One-Third of North Korea’s Income is Spent on the Military

8) His Grasp on Power is Apparently So Tenuous That Kim Jong Un Has Reportedly Undergone Plastic Surgery to Look Like His Grandfather, Kim Il-Sung

9) Electricity is Meted Out For Only a Few Hours a Day, and It’s Largely Turned Off at Night

10) Children are Forced to Provide Their Own Desks and Chairs For School, and Some Schools Double as Sweat Shops

11)  Kim Jong Un Was Not Expected to Lead the Country. Then, his older brother, Kim Jong-Nam, was arrested while trying to visit Disneyland using a fake passport. That pretty much got him nixed for the lead spot. Then, the middle brother, Kim Jong Chul, was ruled out because he was considered “too effeminate” by his pop. Un’s older sister, Kim Sul-song, works in the propaganda department.

12) Religious Freedom is Not a Thing

13) The Country’s Mineral Reserves are Supposedly Worth About Six Trillion, Though Foreign Investments in the Country are Slow to Grow … For Some Reason

14) North Korea Has Twice the Number of Active Service Troops as South Korea (About 1.2 Million)

15) Kim Jong Un is an Unabashed Lover of Basketball. Having Been Outed as a Michael Jordan Fan, the Supreme Leader  spent time with Ex-Basketball Great Dennis Rodman



16) The Government Pays a Network of Spies to Report on Anti-Authority Behavior

17) On Average, People in North Korea Make About $1,800 USD Per Year, Which Puts The Country Solidly in Last Place

18) Weed is Legal in North Korea  (They Need it!)

19) In North Korea, It’s the Year 105, Not 2017  (Their calendar is based on the birth of Kim Il-Sung in 1912)

Kim Il Sung

20) Like His Brothers, Kim Jong Un Was Educated in Switzerland Under an Assumed Name (According to classmates, the future Supreme Leader had a dope collection of sneakers)

21) Personal Property is Not a Thing.  (Everything belongs to the state)

22) It’s Technically Called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  (They even have elections every five years. The ballots only have one option)

23) Men and Women Must Adhere to One of 28 Accepted Haircuts.  (Men have to keep it under 2 inches long. Unmarried women have to keep it short. Married people are allowed a little more leeway)

24) Press in Asia Have Reported that Famine in the Farmlands Have Gotten So Bad That Some Have Resorted to Cannibalism

25) North Korea Holds ‘Mass Games,’ in the World’s Largest Stadium. (The highly regimented gymnastics performances take place in a stadium which holds more than 150,000 seats.)


26) Kim Jong Un Has Cultivated His Own Personal K-Pop Group Called the Moranbong Band



27. Those People Convicted of a Crime in North Korea Are Subject to a ‘Three Generations’ Rule. If one member of the family is convicted, then that person’s family for three generations are hauled off to work camps.

28) The Country is Home to Almost Zero Working Stop Lights

29) Judges and a Court System are Not a Thing

30) Kim Jong-Il Once Kidnapped Korean Director Shin Sang-ok in Order to Force Him to Make Films


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