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This website is dedicated to all veterans past and present, who risked, and still risk their lives in war and combat. Aso, the “Wounded Warriors” in every corner of America. We will and can NOT forget the past, and the many lessons learned. We NEED to take care of our veterans and speak for them. If we don’t, then our existence in this life is meaningless. For many military survivors, they re-live the horror of combat everyday. Talk to them….listen to them. Help them if you can.

Our mission is to have a “depository”of war and combat footage past and present, to show the real horrors of war, technology used during the various wars,  and current-event articles and pictures related to war/combat.  Some footage is labeled **GRAPHIC**, viewer discretion is advised. The intent of this website is to educate and give the viewer a real sense of what it’s like to serve in combat. We are not here to offend any individual or country.

In a perfect world, we would hope to not have wars happen again…..but our world is not perfect.

*** This website exists solely for compiling good, informative history/videos, for any interested public viewing.

***Disclaimer:   The videos/footage shown on this website has been cultivated from various Internet sources. Credits are shown when applicable.  If you feel there is an infringement of any kind,  please contact us immediately.  We can discuss the situation and videos can be removed if deemed necessary.


***Video footage, news stories, etc.  from any Veterans,  or family members, are always welcome.  Tell us your story.  We want to hear from you.   Information can be sent to the email address:    warnews2017@gmail.com.


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