Jet Plane Crash in Libyan City

A Libyan jet plane (MIG 21) Crashes in the city of Tobruk in Libya. It is not clear why the MiG-21 fighter jet crashed, but the cause of the accident is suspected to be some kind of mechanical failure. The plane crashed during a memorial ceremony for another pilot who died when his plane crashed, just four days prior. The co-pilot survived, but a child was killed and a number of civilians were injured. Viewers can see the jet fly extremely close to the person filming, who was seemingly located on a rooftop in Tobruk. Afterwards, it flies back up in the air before nearly nose-diving as it comes crashing towards the ground. The powerful impact causes a huge explosion and plumes of black smoke to ascend into the sky. The pilot had been identified as Rafa Al-Farani from Benghazi, though he was living in Tobruk with his family at the time of the accident.

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