Syrian Air Force Death – Above Airstrikes with Barrel Bombs

Syrian military forces have been using new tool in their long-running war against rebels and other Islamist. They are known as barrel bombs — makeshift, shrapnel-packed explosive devices that Syrian forces have been dropping on rebel-held neighborhoods from helicopters. Residents have another name for them: “barrels of death.” “Essentially, they’re just an old oil barrel packed with explosives, shrapnel and maybe some kind of incendiary device,” said Aryn Baker, Middle East bureau chief with Time. “They are literally pushed out of the helicopter and when they land — they detonate on impact and explode. [They] take down whatever is in their path.” Baker said Syrian forces started using the weapons in 2012. But it has really been since 2014 or so that has brought a significant uptick in reports of their use.

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